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KoPT Wants Haldia to Have Three Terminals

Kolkata Port Trust is going to spend Rs. 800 crore to develop 3 new additional terminals at the Haldia Port. One terminal will be for dry bulk cargo and the other 2 will be for liquid cargo. The purpose of these additions is to increase the 43 million metric tons of handling capacity which currently exists at the port. After the terminals are created, the capacity will be able to handle 9 million metric tons more, bringing the total to about 52 million metric tons.

One terminal for liquid cargo will be able to handle 2 million metric tons and will mostly be for edible oil cargo. This terminal is planned to be built on the Salukhali Docks about 15 kilometers to the north of the city of Haldia. The second terminal for liquid cargo will also be able to handle 2 million metric tons. The third terminal for dry cargo in bulk amounts will be able to handle 5 million metric tons.

KoPT is currently waiting for the environmental clearances to be approved for these three projects. This is predicted to happen by the next fiscal year, and then the projects will begin being worked on. According to KoPT Chairman Vinit Kumar, the public-private partnership model will be used for developing each of the terminals.

About Rs. 200 crore alone will be invested for the construction of the terminal for liquid cargo at Salukhali. The other liquid cargo terminal will cost roughly Rs. 100 crore. The dry cargo in bulk terminal will cost Rs. 500 crore, as reported by Business Line. One liquid cargo terminal and the dry cargo terminal are going to be outer terminals. These are terminals which exist on the outskirts of the riverine Haldia port. By having them there, bigger ships and vessels can come and go easily. The two terminals even have a better draft as well.

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