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NRL Has Started High-Speed Diesel Exports to Myanmar

Numaligarh Refinery Limited, which is based in Assam, has begun the process of distributing Gas Oil (High-Speed Diesel) to the country of Myanmar. This news comes before Narendra Modi, who is the Prime Minister of India, is scheduled to visit Myanmar. NRL’s goal is to distribute 5,000 metric tons worth of High-Speed Diesel to Myanmar each month. The exporting will be done with Tank Lorry. However, at some point in the future, NRL wants to lay down a pipeline so that exporting the diesel will be faster and easier.

NRL had complaints about how they had 2 tanker trucks which got pulled over as they were trying to cross over from the state of Manipur into Myanmar. Each truck was hauling 40 kiloliters of this Gas Oil. Moreh is the border town in Manipur where this problem occurred. The town is just 420 kilometres from the nearest refinery owned by NRL. The trucks travel on Asian Highway I and must cross a border checkpoint before entering either country. Normally, there are no problems for the trucks when they cross over. But anytime they get pulled over; it throws the company’s scheduled delivery time off.

Parami Energy Services Company Limited is on the receiving end in Tamu, Myanmar. They have just received the consignment for the exports from NRL. This comes after the two companies signed a Sales Purchase Agreement to have Numaligarh Refinery Marketing Terminal supply PES with 90 metric tons of Diesel. The Moreh-Tamu Land Customs Station will be used for this transfer.

According to NRL, once this temporary consignment is completed, this will begin a new business relationship between NRL and PES as well as other Myanmar customers. Then, 5,000 metric tons of High-Speed Diesel will be exported each month with Tank Lorry. Presently, the main highway between the border towns of Moreh and Tamu is the only way for tanker trucks to deliver this gas oil. This will change once the proposed pipeline gets started.

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