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Public Service Commission to return recruitment draft regulations to government

In the Indian state of Kerala, the Public Service Commission is going to return draft regulations to the government which was in regards to recruiting staff members for universities. This recruitment was to fill non-teaching positions in the universities. Apparently, these regulations still need more clarification, so the Public Service Commission is sending the draft of these regulations back to the government for that purpose. The draft of the regulations reportedly didn’t include details about the vacant positions in the university or the qualifications that recruits must have before they get hired for them.

There were members of the commission who noticed that the regulation draft had not been translated into Malayalam adequately. In addition, they thought it would be best to request an English version of the draft as well. About three years ago, the government ordered the Public Service Commission to bear the responsibility for recruiting staff members for non-teaching positions available in the state’s 13 total universities as stated in Mathrubhumi.

An executive order was issued by the government for the Kerala Public Service Commission to recruit new staff members to fill two available positions; Computer Assistant and Assistant. The positions that are still available include librarian, driver, last grade, and security. The Public Service Commission returned the draft of regulations for these job positions. It was decided that an examination of all these vacancies that require similar qualifications will be made and that individual rank lists would be prepared.

The story was reported out of the city of Thiruvananthapuram, which is the capital of the state of Kerala. The Public Service Commission works closely with the state government to handle matters related to public education, especially when it comes to filling jobs that are not teaching related. The government typically decides how much influence the Public Service Commission has over these matters and for the last 3 years, they’ve had a lot of influence.

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