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Mizoram’s biggest power project to receive 70 percent steel supply from SAIL

The Steel Authority of India (SAIL) announced on December last year that it has supplied about 70 percent steel to Mizoram’s biggest power project (Tuirial Hydro Electric Power project) that was dedicated by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the nation. During the inauguration of the project, the Prime Minister welcomed the move by the steel giant and urged the company building the power project to fast track their operations and complete the whole project within the right time frame.

The company’s top management said that it has already supplied around 5,000 metric tons of plate mill plates, structural steel, TMTs, and value-added steel plates for the power project. The company does not only supply steel plates but also other steel related products like steel rods to the different ongoing projects in the country. This is a move by the company to help in nation building by supporting major projects in the country. Other companies are encouraged to follow suit and help other construction companies to develop the country as stated in Business Standard.

SAIL also said in a statement to the new rooms that the company has also supplied approximately 90 percent steel to the construction of India’s longest Dhola-Sadiya bridge in Assam, which was inaugurated a few days ago. This is a clear indication that SAIL is committed to ensuring that major projects in the country receive the required support.

On top of the named projects above, the steel manufacturer is also supplying steel products for other projects in the country including Bogibeel Rail-cum-Road bridge, the Trans Arunachal highway and other power plant projects including the 750 Megawatt power plant of NTPC, as well as the 600 Megawatt Kameng Hydro-electric power project.

It is important that other major companies and manufacturers work together with the government and other stakeholders to help in nation building. SAIL is doing a great job in ensuring that major projects in different parts of the country are completed at the right time by providing the required raw materials. With the required raw materials various Mizoram projects will start and this means that there will be numerous jobs in Mizoram for the locals. This will improve their living standards and in the long run, the economy will grow.

It should be noted that the Steel Authority of India is one of the leading steel manufacturers in the country. And with its latest move to supply steel to various projects in different parts of the country is an important gesture to the country’s leadership that the company is committed to building India’s infrastructure and economy.

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