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KoPT Wants Haldia to Have Three Terminals

Kolkata Port Trust is going to spend Rs. 800 crore to develop 3 new additional terminals at the Haldia Port. One terminal will be for dry bulk cargo and the other 2 will be for liquid cargo. The purpose of these additions is to increase the 43 million metric tons of handling capacity which currently

NRL Has Started High-Speed Diesel Exports to Myanmar

Numaligarh Refinery Limited, which is based in Assam, has begun the process of distributing Gas Oil (High-Speed Diesel) to the country of Myanmar. This news comes before Narendra Modi, who is the Prime Minister of India, is scheduled to visit Myanmar. NRL’s goal is to distribute 5,000 metric tons worth of High-Speed Diesel to Myanmar

100% Equity Disinvestment by Government in Scooters India

The Indian government is planning a complete disinvestment of all their equity holdings in the company called Scooters India Limited. This information was released by the Department of Heavy Industry back in May. The disinvestment of this equity is based on the government finding a strategic buyer that will go through an auction process with

Public Service Commission to return recruitment draft regulations to government

In the Indian state of Kerala, the Public Service Commission is going to return draft regulations to the government which was in regards to recruiting staff members for universities. This recruitment was to fill non-teaching positions in the universities. Apparently, these regulations still need more clarification, so the Public Service Commission is sending the draft